Remote Video Service

Instant support for urgent service needs

We help you without being on site - simple, fast and safe!

Are you experiencing an issue while operating a Satisloh machine? Be it an error message or a different type of malfunction, our immediate support is just a phone call away if you hold a STEP Service contract. Reach out to us directly using your smartphone for prompt and efficient assistance.

Satisloh STEP Maintenance

Let one of our service experts look over your shoulder, remotely!

The way it works:

  • Simple & easy, no knowledge required
  • Take your smartphone and scan the QR code, labeled at your machine
  • Select "Remote Video Service" and wait for the Satisloh technician's answer to get connected
  • The secure P2P connection guarantees your peace of mind
  • Talk directly to our service technician or communicate in written form, depending on what you prefer

Your benefits:

  • Satisloh Remote Video Service is available free of charge within a service contract

  • Easy accessible

  • Only a smartphone needed

  • Even in the noisiest of environments usable

  • Safe P2P connection

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