Satisloh’s new cleaning system shown at VEE ‘24


MARCH 19, 2024, NEW YORK, NY — Satisloh introduced their newest lens cleaning system, the Hydra-Brush-4, to the North American market at Vision Expo East. Visitors to their booth could see for themselves just how compact it is for a fully automated, four-stage system that cleans and dries both sides of more than 200 lenses per hour.

“Lens cleaning, by its very nature, uses a lot of water. So our engineers set out to design the most advanced, efficient and sustainable automated lens cleaner available,” said Andy Huthoefer, VP Product Management and Marketing, Satisloh. “And they succeeded. The Hydra-Brush-4 has an integrated deionization device with a recycling function – providing a continuous DI water supply. So it only uses two liters per shift, which not only saves water but also costs.”

Built with a four-stage cleaning process – soft brush cleaning with detergent, city water rinse, DI water rinse, and drying – it removes any production related contamination and provides consistent, damage-free lens cleaning.

“Unlike other automatic cleaners with traditional chain systems, the Hydra-Brush-4 has a chainless lens transfer system that prevents chamber cross contamination,” said Huthoefer.

The automated lens cleaner also has an innovative tray transfer system that ensures each lens is returned to its original tray, eliminating job ticket exchanges/swaps/movements?transfers – a potential source for errors.  

Lab staff can easily change the cleaning brush within seconds and the automatic loading and unloading system fits standard conveyor heights.


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