New consumables packaging towards more sustainability

Satisloh starts reducing packaging waste of Coating Consumables - NEW, Larger 1kg Packaging Units

Baar, Switzerland – March 26, 2024 – Satisloh announces a proactive step towards sustainability with the introduction of larger packaging units for coating consumables.

In response to an internal sustainability assessment, Satisloh has identified a significant opportunity to reduce packaging waste associated with granulates and pills from its generic coating consumables portfolio. Recognizing that many customers frequently order quantities exceeding 250g or 500g, Satisloh is introducing new, larger 1kg packaging units to streamline the ordering process and contribute to environmental conservation. This initiative aims to save time for customers while simultaneously reducing packaging waste.

Despite the modification in unit size, the content of all altered units remains unchanged, ensuring continuity and reliability for customers.

Customers are encouraged to place orders for the larger packaging units, now identified by new SAP numbers, to support this sustainability initiative.

Article NEW Unit NEW SAP No. OLD Unit OLD SAP No.
SATIS MgF2, granulate, 2.5-4mm 1kg 92-015-906 500g 92-005-912
SATIS MgF2, granulate, 2.5-5mm 1kg 92-015-903 500g 92-005-914
SATIS SIO2, 1-3mm, 99.8% pure 1kg 92-011-073 500g 92-005-994
SATIS SIO2, 1-3mm, 99.8% pure 5kg 92-005-897 - -
SATIS SIO2, granulate, 1,6-5mm 1kg 92-015-902 500g 92-006-226
SATIS White ZrO2, pills, 21x6mm 1kg 92-015-901 250g 92-007-258
SATIS White ZrO2, pills, 21x8mm 1kg 92-007-262 250g 92-007-260
SATIS White ZrO2, pills, 21x8mm 5kg 92-007-261 - -
SATIS Grey ZrO2, pills, 13.5x9.5mm 1kg 92-015-905 250g 92-007-265
SATIS Grey ZrO2, pills, 17.5x5mm 1kg 92-015-904 250g 92-007-267



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