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MES-360 PO

Satisloh’s modular open platform Manufacturing Execution System MES-360 PO automatically collects, tracks, and shows all machine and process data. It enables the user to analyze and draw conclusions, and as a result, to implement improvement actions in order to increase overall equipment effectiveness.

MES-360 PO Tracking function
MES-360 PO Batch Benchmarking
MES-360 PO Machine Status Overview
MES-360 PO Machine Status

MES-360 PO for Smart Manufacturing 

In the manufacturing process of precision optics components a vast amount of data is being generated and processed. Some of this data is evaluated manually but a lot is neither recorded nor analyzed, although useful for process control and thus the improvement of quality and production effectiveness.   

Satisloh’s MES-360 PO enables users to track and monitor process and machine data in order to save time and money by increasing the overall equipment effectiveness and maximizing quality and yield.

  • MES-360 PO is an open platform system seamlessly connectable to both Satisloh’s and other manufacturers’ machines. It also interfaces with most LMS and ERP systems.
  • Modular system: step-by-step implementation as user requirements evolve
  • Data can be viewed simultaneously by multiple people and on different devices


Machine Monitoring:

This MES-360 PO module improves machine uptime and efficiency by optimizing throughput times, and enables immediate troubleshooting in case of machines being down.


  • Machine status data
  • Productivity reports with machine utilization details
  • Cycle time tracking for each machine
  • Error/alarm tracking
  • Tool usage tracking
  • Tool change and maintenance prompts
  • Dashboard showing real-time machine status and jobs
  • E-mail/SMS alerts in case of machine errors
Server requirements

Physical or virtual server
Min. 2.5 GHz, 8 core CPU
Min. 16 GB RAM
Min. 500 GB free space on hard drive
Min. 1 Gbit network
Windows server 2012
32/64 bit
Cloud server available

Client requirementsPC, ThinClient, TabletPC with WIN OS
Min. 2 GHz dual-core CPU
Min. 4 GB RAM
MS WIN 7/8/10 32/64 bit

All technical data are subject to change without notice. Verify details with Satisloh.


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