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Integrated handling system for efficient micro optics manufacturing for SPM/SPS-10, SPM/SPS-30 and C-50.

HS-30 handling of rod lenses
HS-30 handling system for single, rod and cemented lenses
HS-30 for handling of micro to mid-sized optics

Reliable automation for increased efficiency

Adding the HS-30 loading system automates the production process and further improves efficiency and reliability of Satisloh´s micro-optics processing equipment. This results in less operational efforts due to the machine’s autonomous periods.


  • Equipped different magazines and various accessories (suction cups, gripper fingers, etc.) to use with single, rod or cemented lenses with diameters of 4 - 42 mm.
  • Two turntables and pre-centering for up to 300 lenses per change.
  • Centering station for optimized lens position with a repeatability of < 5 μm.
  • Full interation into machine for more productivity at same footprint.

2 turntables with up to 300 lenses per charge


Spheres, aspheres, cylinders, toroids, freeforms, & other optical surfaces

Working range:Handles lenses Ø 4 mm up to 42 mm 
Dimensions (wxdxh):depends on the machine (integrated into the machine)

 All technical data are subject to change without notice. Verify details with Satisloh

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