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Multi-FLEX, Satisloh´s flagship polisher, designed for high volume Rx lens manufacturing lines with varied production needs. 

It provides full automation with  3 independently controlled chambers that simultaneously polish 3 lenses for highest throughput.

Satisloh Multi-FLEX automated lens polishing machine
Satisloh Multi-FLEX automated lens polishing machine
Satisloh Multi-FLEX three Lens polishing chamber
Satisloh Multi-FLEX Intelligent Polishing Tools
Satisloh Multi-FLEX polish tool wear monitoring technology

Superior lens polishing accuracy

  • Multi-FLEX is the only polisher with Dynamic Kinematics that are unique for every Rx, geometry and diameter, delivering a new level of polishing accuracy and stability.
  • Universal tool geometry processes all standard organic lens materials and the majority of current Rx working ranges.
  • Two tool spindles per chamber allow for a second process step without tool exchange.

Lens polishing with intelligent tools

  • Polishing tools with embedded RFID tags and reader ensure the correct loading of dynamic kinematics for the particular tool and process.
  • Intelligent polishing tools track and transfer process information and tool data linked to lens quality to Multi-FLEX polisher.

Smart monitoring for polishing tools

  • Tool Wear monitoring inspects each polishing tool for ripping and wear, allows effective troubleshooting of polishing issues and enables proactive process control.

Service and maintenance friendliness

  • A precise gantry loader handles lenses from above, so the automated lens polishing process is always in clear view and chambers are easily accessible
  • Smart loader alignment for easy setup.
  • Integrated automated lens washing and drying.
Productivity:Up to 100 lenses/hour
Working range:Base curve concave: 0 -14 dpt / extended up to 18 dpt.
Lens diameter: 60-85/ extended down to 48 mm
Cylinder: 0-6 dpt.
Lens materials:All organic materials 
Dimensions (wxdxh):1724 x 2108 x 1995 mm / 68 x 83 x 79 inches; incl. conveyor
Weight:approx. 1050 kg /  2315 lb

All technical data subject to change without notice. Verify details with Satisloh.

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