Coat lenses in only 15 minutes, in 5 square meters!

Satisloh's® Film Lamination technology utilizes a sophisticated, all-in-one, multi-layer film that's laminated to the lens in a few easy steps - completely replacing the conventional coating process. Satisloh® Tech-Film AR and the corresponding machine, Satisloh® Film-Pod, drastically cut investment costs, space needs, and coating complexity – making in-house hard and AR coating accessible to virtually every lab!

Watch the latest Film Lamination Tech-Talk video and learn about Satisloh´s new disruptive coating technology. Listen to our experts Andy Huthoefer, VP of Product Management & Marketing, and  Marc Peter, Head of R&D Lamination.

"Adding an in-house lab reinforced our commitment to customer service. We immediately saw that this was a game changer. We could put AR coating in our lab and not worry about batch processes but rather could coat individual orders. It only takes 15 to 20 minutes per coating job. We can block, surface, polish and laminate in one hour or less. Adding this technology is all about maximizing our service and flexibility."
- Drake McLean, President of Dietz-McLean Optical

Satisloh® Tech-Film AR - Centerpiece of the lamination process

Tech-Film AR replaces numerous coating consumables and comes prefabricated in discs of two sizes.

The multi-layer film combines:

  • Lens bonding adhesive
  • Carrier foil
  • Hard coating
  • AR coatingR
  • Superhydrophobic coating

Tech-Films with additional coating applications under development.

Lens Lamination in 3 steps:

Satisloh® Hydra Film - Lens cleaning

  • The table top Hydra-Film unit completely cleans lenses after surfacing.
  • Process cycle: 2 minutes/pair.


Plasma Etch - Surface treatment


  • The table top Plasma Etch preps the lens surface for precise Tech-Film adhesion.
  • Process cycle: 4-5 minutes/pair.


Satisloh® Film-Pod - Lens lamination

  • 1st step: Thermoforming the Tech-Film to match the shape of the lens back curve.
  • 2nd step: Bonding the Tech-Film to the lens permanently.
  • Two-steps-process cycle 4-5 minutes, perform simultaneously for 25 lenses/hour.
Productivity: Approx. 25 lenses/hour
Total process time: Approx. 15 minutes/pair
Working range: Maximum back curve:
7.9 dpt. at index 1.498
8.4 dpt. at index 1.53
9.5 dpt. at index 1.6
10.6 dpt. at index 1.67
11.7 dpt. at index 1.74
Lens material: All organic materials. Front side AR coated lens blanks available from partner vendors.
Validated blank options include 1.5 CR39*, 1.59 Polycarbonate*, 1.53 Trivex*, 1.6 hi-index*, 1.67 hi-index*, 1.74 hi-index.
Dimensions (wxdxh): 5000 x 1000 x 2250 mm / 197 x 40 x 89 inches for the complete line 
Weight: 608 kg / 1340 lb for the complete line 

*also available in Transitions

All technical data subject to change without notice. Verify details with Satisloh.

Film Lamination

Perfect alternative to conventional coating

  • Fast processing: Continuous flow production with ultra-short processing times! Coated lenses in ONLY 15 MINUTES per pair - 10 TIMES FASTER than conventional coating. Laminate UP TO 200 LENSES in an 8-hour shift.
  • Simple to operate: The Film Lamination Line is extremely easy to use, so only minimal operator training is needed. The complete cell is easily installed and requires minimal maintenance, enabling higher uptime.
  • Fits anywhere: The entire Film Lamination production cell has an extremely compact footprint needing only 5 m2 / 54 ft2 and can be placed wherever your lab has room.
  • Cost effective: Affordable in-house coating for EVERY lab. Investments are LESS THAN 1/3 of a conventional coating lab.
  • Green: No hazardous materials in your lab, making it safer for your staff and simplifying waste management. Energy and water consumption are much lower than with conventional coating.

Premium lenses for your customers!

Extend your offering, more impact resistant & thinner lenses with better aesthetics.

  • Increased impact resistanceTech-Film stabilizes the lens & makes it up to 18 times more shock resistant* than conventionally coated.
  • Eliminates potential visual imperfections: Properties of Tech-Film AR eliminate imperfections such as interference fringes (Newton rings) that occur with non-index matched hard coatings.

* compared to FDA standard requirements

Metro-Lab Film

Combining a Film Lamination cell with the Satisloh® Metro-Lab, a modular and lower investment lens surfacing platform, small labs with limited capital and/or space, now have the ability to keep the complete process chain in-house, from surfacing to coating and edging. Keeping the value-added processes in-house eliminates your dependency on external sources for quality and delivery dates.

Your complete equipment for Metro-Lab Film

ART-Blocker-M / ART-Deblocker-M VFT-macro or VFT-macro-E
Toro-FLEX Table-top edgers


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