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Coating Processes

The performance and durability of ophthalmic lenses is largely determined by the coating package applied. Satisloh offers a wide variety of durable hard coatings, innovative anti-reflection (AR) & Multi-layer coating stacks, state-of-the-art top coating solutions, and in-chamber tinting for ophthalmic lenses in all materials.

Satisloh Hydrophobic lens coating processes
Satisloh Dip hard coating process
Satisloh Anti-reflective Coated Rx Lens
Satisloh Mirror Coated Lenses

Lens performance depends on the combination of hard coat, AR coat and top coat. Only the best combination of all three, suited for the specific lens material, allows us to meet the needs of every production environment and all customer requirements.

Hard Coat

The performance and durability of ophthalmic lenses starts with leading scratch resistance technology. Satisloh offers thermal dip coating and UV spin coating processes for hard scratch-resistance and highest anti-reflective adhesion on ophthalmic lenses.

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Multi-Layer Stacks

Satisloh offers standard anti-reflective (AR) coatings to enhance appearance, improve clarity of vision and reduce reflections on ophthalmic lenses. Beyond these we offer specialty coatings for UV and Blue Light protection, reduced of night vision glare, as well as multiple mirror and in-chamber tinting coatings.

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Top Coat

Easy cleaning is one of the most important features of AR coated lenses. Without a top coat, the lens is rough, attracts dirt and water and is tougher to clean. There are a number of top coat options to choose from and theses are applied on top of the AR coating inside a vacuum chamber. 

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Satisloh Dip hard coating process

Hard Coat

Thermal dip or UV spin hard coating processes make lenses more durable and last longer. 

Satisloh Anti-reflecting box coating process

Multi-Layer Stacks

AR coating stack designs minimize reflection, specialized coatings protect from Blue and UV light, mirror coatings, and other performance attributes for Rx lenses.

Satisloh Top Coat process

Top Coat

Applying a top coat layer to lenses to repels water, grease, oil, dust and fingerprints.

Related Products


Semi-automatic spin hard coater, cleans, coats & cures the back-side of ophthalmic lenses for scratch resistance. Processes up to 100 lenses/hour.


Automatic spin hard coater, integrates perfectly with ART-line. It cleans, coats & cures the back-side of ophthalmic lenses. Processes up to 120 lenses/hour.

DC-4S & DC-6S

Fully automatic ultrasonic cleaner & dip hard coater. Cleans and coats both side of uncoated lenses for maximum scratch resistance. Processes up to 48 lenses/hour or 72 lenses/hour.


High throughput vacuum box coater for clear AR and sun lenses. Processes up to 305 lenses/batch.


High volume vacuum box coater for AR & mirror coatings. Processes up to 245 lenses/batch.


Compact mid-volume vacuum box coater for AR & mirror coatings. Processes up to 60 lenses/batch.


Standalone small vacuum box coater for AR & mirror coatings. Processes up to 30 lenses/batch.

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