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Satisloh´s ART-Block-Pod is a fully automated ART block-piece handling system, supports up to 200 jobs/hour.

The system automates and optimizes the manipulation of ART block-pieces for ophthalmic lens production, enabling closed-loop block-piece circulation.  

Satisloh ART-Block-Pod automatic machine
Satisloh ART-Block-Pod automatic machine
Satisloh ART-Block-Pod block-piece multi-axis handling
Satisloh ART-Block-Pod Ophthalmic lens block-piece storage

Automated ART block-piece handling

  • Automatically identifies, picks, dispenses, sorts and stores all ART block-pieces.

  • Eliminates manual block-piece manipulation increasing lab productivity and efficiency.

  • Enables closed-loop block-piece circulation from job launch to job launch.

  • Automatically discharges block-pieces for cleaning or replacement.

  • Seamlesly connects to any LMS and integrates to Satisloh´s MES-360 for real-time production data.

  • Multiple ART-Block-Pod units can be integrated for increased throughput.

  • ART-Block-Pod is highly configurable to meet the requirements of any automated lab production workflow.

Productivityup to 200 jobs / hour
Working range

all OPS Premium Block-Pieces
base Curve: 1 – 9 (R500 – R60)
DIM: 50 – 75mm

Dimensions (wxdxh)

2019 x 1899 x 1949 mm / 79.5 x 74.76 x 76.73 inches

Weight1800 kg / 3970 lb

All technical data subject to change without notice. Verify details with Satisloh. 

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