Ecodesign Award 2014

And the winner is...

Satisloh wins the German Federal Ecodesign Award 2014 in the "Product" category with the article on the subject "Heavy metal-free lens manufacturing", made possible by Satisloh's ART/Nucleo technology.

From 132 submissions that were pre-selected in the four categories: product; concept; service: and young talents were a total of 29 nominations for the German Federal Ecodesign Award. On November 14th, the 13 winners were announced at the awards ceremony in the atria of the German Federal Environment Ministry in Berlin.

The inspiration
As an industry leader, we feel a certain environmental responsibility. Because Satisloh serves the entire product range and process chain, we are aware of the increasing demands for environmentally friendly products and processes. We wanted to be on the market with the best product at the right time, so our clients can continue their production without the use of toxic and dangerous heavy metal alloys. We were inspired by the green movement and wanted to continue leading the industry with innovative products and processes.

The ecological aspects
The old method uses raw materials and work processes which are still typical in certain "old" industrial production that cares little about their conditions. For the new process, materials must have been developed and matched, to reduce the resource consumption and pollution of natural environment and workers as much as possible.

The importance of ecodesign in the design and production process

The new block pieces design does not end in itself - The block pieces are more components in the new, closed production process. The block piece design corresponds "only" to the best functionality in the interaction of the new materials. The reduction of environmental, health and social risks and the associated costs had priority.

The new block piece and the new process are the result of many years of work and an infinite number of small steps on the choice of more environmentally friendly materials and the more sustainable process flow.

About Ecodesign

The environmental impacts of products and services are determined as early as in the design process. Ecodesign means more than energy efficient refrigerators or bags made from recycled materials. Indeed, ecodesign considers the entire life cycle of a product – from the extraction of raw materials to production, distribution and utilisation, all the way to recycling and disposal. Alongside issues of energy consumption and the responsible use of resources, the concept also addresses questions of user behaviour, durability and repairability.

In 2012, the Federal Environment Ministry and the Federal Environment Agency launched the Federal Ecodesign Award to bring the potential contribution of ecodesign to environmental protection more strongly into the public eye, as well as to encourage innovation in this area. The International Design Center Berlin, with the support of a project advisory board, has been commissioned with the development and implementation of the competition format. For companies as well as designers, the award provides a platform to showcase products and ideas of outstanding ecological and design quality. The competition has been launched again in early 2014.

Voice of the Jury

"The company Satisloh has managed to replace heavy metals and rare earths, which are needed in the production of optical lenses. So they improve both the occupational safety and the environmental impact of the production of ophthalmic lenses. With the method for heavy metal-free ophthalmic lens manufacturing we honor an innovative production process for the first time."

Dr. jur. Thomas Holzmann, Vice President of the Federal Environment Agency and member of the jury

Information on application file

With this application document Satisloh submitted in the competition. To better highlight the importance of the new method for the jury, so for non-industry people, we highlighted the old Alloy method to illustrate the environmental hazards. Using photos showing the old method and by highlighting aspects such as contamination risks for humans and the environment with the use of Alloy, we were able to convince the jury of the advantages of the new method.
These documents exclusively served the application process of the German Federal Ecodesign Award. They are not intended to be used in other contexts.

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