Fast and economic polishing machine

A machine for spherical and aspherical polishing of Ø 5-60 mm. Flexible and fast, the SPS-60 lens polisher processes brittle materials e.g. glass and ceramics.

Multiple step polishing to process low form error, high shape accuracy and long-term stability. This can be achieved by separating the polishing in a fast pre-polishing step, followed by a fine-polishing step with very low tool wear. An integrated tool dressing function is available. 

Benefits and features

  • ADAPT ( Aspheric Deterministic Adaptive Technology) for pre- and corrective polishing of aspheres (optional)
  • Synline tool calculation software (optional)
  • Various tools available
  • Polishing slurry system
  • Measuring system
  • Water cooled direct driven spindles

Technical information

Working range

diameter 5-60 mm


brittle materials: glass, ceramics, crystals, sapphire and similar


spheres, aspheres, plano optics and other optical surfaces


Work spindle: 100-2000 1/min
Tool spindle: 25-3500 1/min


X, Y, Z, B, C

Electrical power

6 kVA

Compressed air

6 bar

Dimensions (wxdxh)

1200 x 1802 x 2114 / 47 x 71 x 83 inches


approx. 2300 kg / 5070 Ib


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