Flexible and efficient polishing

A 5-axis polishing machine for various geometries of Ø 10-200 mm. The flexible and fast SPS-140 polisher processes brittle materials e.g. glass and ceramics.

The dual-spindle technology, embedded in a 360° multifunctional swivel head, enables fast and efficient spherical polishing. The advanced spherical lens polisher enables users to prepare lenses "ready for super finish” as well as a removable dressing CNC spindle for using max. working space.

The adaptive deterministic aspherical polishing technology (ADAPT) allows operators to process aspherical shapes to high accuracy levels in an efficient and repeatable way

Benefits and features

  • Removable dressing spindle for extended working area
  • Quick and easy set up with automated touch on functions
  • Y and C-axis (optional)
  • Integrated measuring probe (optional)
  • Easy to use Interface software Satisloh BaSyS
  • Integrated dual spindle technology allows pre- and correction polishing without tool changing by using the ADAPT method

Technical information

Working range

spheres up to 140 mm, (depend on geometry), aspheres (optional) up to 200 mm


brittle materials: glass, ceramics, crystals, sapphire and similar


spheres, aspheres (optional), plano surfaces


Work spindle: 25-3500 1/min
Tool spindle: 100-2000 1/min
Dressing spindle: 250-5000 1/min


X, Y, Z, B, C

Electrical power

115-400 V, 50/60 Hz, 6 kVA

Compressed air

6 bar

Dimensions (wxdxh)

1200 x 1950 x 1800 mm / 47 x 77 x 71 inches


approx. 2800 kg / 6173 lb

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