Perfect solution for optical coating

A very compact optical sputter coating machine that provides consistent uniform AR and BBAR coatings, high deposition rates and reactive sputtering - especially for micro-optics.

The SP-100 is an extremely fast, flexible sputter coater with multiple process possibilities. Reactive sputtering provides outstanding process stability, simple operation, and flexibility for process innovation. Production of broadband AR coatings with low residual reflections as well as ultra-hard coatings on substrates such as sapphire is possible.

Benefits and features

  • Excellent reproducibility of coatings is a key strength
  • Short process times due to rapid pumping and high deposition rates
  • Magnetron cooling with integrated chiller
  • Pulsed-DC reactive sputtering for consistent high quality


Technical information


AR and BBAR coatings for the visible wavelength range (380-780 nm)
Scratch resistant sapphire substrate coatings, achieving a Vickers hardness of HV> 1200
Dielectric Bragg mirror in the 1200-7500 nm range (coatings with >200 layers)

Cycle times

for a 4 layer AR coating approx. 7 min.

Electrical power

400 V, 3 phase, 4 kW or 208 V, 3 phase

Compressed air

 min. 6 bar

Dimensions (wxdxh)

1090 x 1078 x 1800 mm / 43 x 42 x 71 inches


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