Manual polishing machine with hard tools

Every Toro-X™ model smoothes and polishes spherical and toric lenses with exceptional accuracy. The infinitely adjustable speed control delivers an extended working range and excellent surface quality for the entire Rx spectrum in prescription laboratories of all sizes.

The Toro-X-2SL - with computer-controlled fining parameters - provides automatic adjustment of rotational speed, working pressure and cycle time that can be set individually. This automatic adjustment eliminates operator decisions and optimizes quality and yield.

Benefits and features

  • Reliable Satisloh pneumatic reception chuck holds lens in position and applies uniform pressure across the entire surface of the lens
  • The ergonomically-friendly Toro Series features easy-access door for maintenance and an ergonomic foot pedal release for inserting both lenses or tools in one action
  • Simple data input through barcode reader and PC interface

Technical information

Working ranges

Plano up to: -20 dpt. concave / +12 dpt. convex
Lens diameter: up to 90 mm
Tool diameter: 90 mm max.

Lens materials

all organic materials as well as mineral glass

Dimensions (wxdxh)

700 x 850 x 1700 mm / 28 x 33 x 67 inches


approx. 175 kg / 386 lb Toro-X-2S
approx. 205 kg / 452 lb Toro-X-2SL


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