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Satisloh looks back on decades of company history in the optical industry. Over the years, the two former companies LOH and Satis Vacuum grew up to international manufacturers for optical machinery and have major economic success.



2013The Satisloh Group has over 950 employees and a worldwide presence with 5 production centers and subsidiaries, representatives and service centers world wide
2012CM in Brazil joins the Satisloh Group and renames as CMsatisloh
Opening of Satisloh´s new sales and service facility in Danyang (China)
Next generation of precision optics centering machines C-50 and C-300 conquer the market
Launch of the smallest digital lens surfacing machines “Micro-Line”, consisting of VFT-micro generator and Micro-FLEX polisher
2011Bazell Technologies joins the Satisloh Group. Bazell Technologies is a Concord, California based company that specializes in the development and manufacturing of centrifugal fluid processing systems for clarification of oil, emulsions, synthetics, and process waters used in a broad range of industrial manufacturing applications
South American agency becomes Satisloh do Brazil
New faster and more efficient “X” generation of box coaters (MC-380-X and 1200-DLX) is launched
2010First automated ophthalmic lens production line OBM (On-Block-Manufacturing), including inline coating is installed  at customer site
Satisloh takes over the management responsibility for National Optronics based in Charlottesville, Virginia, a manufacturer of ophthalmic lens edging equipment
2008Satisloh becomes part of the French company Essilor. Essilor International, founded in 1972, is the world leader for corrective lenses. Headquarter: Charenton-le-Pont (France)
Several new high tech machines capture the market: VFT-orbit, the new ophthalmic generator for all kind of lenses and Nucleo-Blocker, the first alloy-free blocker and start of the On-Block-Manufacturing line
2006First Satisloh User Group Meeting (Slugfest), an educational and networking event, takes place in Germantown (Wi / USA). From this date on, the Slugfest runs alternating in all Satisloh regions.
New precision optics grinding machine is launched: SPM-60 with its revolutionary 360° multifunctional swivel head
2005Merger of LOH and Satis Vacuum. Satisloh becomes a full range supplier for the international optical industry and offers surfacing machines for ophthalmic and precision optics labs as well as coating machines
A new production place in Zhongshan (China) is founded

Satis Vacuum

2005Merger of Satis Vacuum and LOH
2003Launch of the first precision optics sputter coater SP-100
2001The new sputter coater SP-200 is launched
1998Sale of Satis Vacuum to Schweiter Technologies AG. This sale results in a considerable boom with vacuum coating systems based on high vacuum deposition, single-target reactive sputtering, and plasma impulse chemical vapor deposition (PICVD)
90´sEssilor becomes first key account and Satis Vacuum starts further extension with subsidiaries in Great Britain and Singapore
Box Coater 1200, the biggest high volume vacuum coater is launched
80´sFoundation of Satis Vacuum Germany and United States subsidiary 
Satis Vacuum starts building washing systems T-10, T-20 and T-40
Late 70´sSatis Vacuum starts building Box Coaters
70´sProcess optimizations by introducing a flip-over system and new in situ measuring methods lead to international success
1965Foundation of Satis Vacuum by Delio Ciparisso
The production of coating machines for ophthalmic industry starts in the basement of an apartment house in Italy. The management and administration is set up in Zurich.
Satis Vacuum begins its worldwide career with a small coating unit for 6 lenses


2005Merger of LOH and Satis Vacuum
2003The Spanish agency becomes a LOH subsidiary
2000Development of the first industrial edging machine for ophthalmic lenses ES-2
1997LOH starts to work with an agency in India
1992Move in the new, modern company building in Wetzlar
New CNC machines arise: The Spheronorm machines for pre-/ fine grinding and polishing of precision optics, and the V-Machine for ophthalmic lenses
90´sLOH establishes new sales departments in Europe and South America
1982LOH pioneers one of the first optical CNC machines: For ophthalmic Rx production LOH Toromatic CNC and later the LCM-240 a precision optics laser centering CNC machine
80´sLOH becomes a leader in producing the complete range of machines and equipment including fully automated production lines for lens processing of precision optics and ophthalmic lenses
Sales and service departments in the US, France and Hong Kong are opened
LOH starts the sale of consumables and tools for LOH machines
70´sDevelopment of the first lapping and polishing machine LPT, and the first ophthalmic polishing machine Toro-X. The career of LOH as specialist for surfacing in the ophthalmic industry starts
LOH builds a second production and sales company in Switzerland (LOH Oensingen)
60´sNew equipment, procedures and advancements also allow the development of the first automated centering machines LZ-80A and LZ-25A, as well as grinding machines for multiple prisms like UFM and UMFS. The large grinding machines RF-2, the lapping and polishing machines PLM-400, PM-500 and PM-1, a polishing machine for micro-lenses, are developed
LOH increases the number of employees to 200
50´sFoundation of an independent department for the production of spectacle lenses. LOH develops the first diamond grinding machines, such as the RF-1, and the centering machine WG. From now on, lenses and prisms can be processed with diamond grinding wheels
1950Ernst Loh takes over the management after his father’s death and guides LOH to an international manufacturer of optical machinery
1925New plant in Wetzlar
Increased manufacturing facilities allow producing multi-spindle machines for grinding and polishing lenses and prisms
1922Wilhelm Loh founds the “Mechanical Workshop, Toolmakers & Locksmith“ in Wetzlar, Germany
In the beginning, the company produces machines for the production of sheet-metal cans
First, spindles and equipment for micro-lens work form the main production