High-production industrial edger with drilling option

The ES-4 is the first industrial edger with in-chamber drilling and the ability to process B measurements as small as 18.5 mm.

The new design features a reduced shaft diameter, combined with a proprietary blocking chuck – giving it the capability to process previously unattainable dimensions.
Further increasing its versatility is the optional in-chamber variable angle drilling. Using a variety of inputs from the lab’s host system via a VCA interface, the machine automatically calculates the optimal drilling angle to produce the most effective mounting position.

Benefits and features

  • Automated all-in-one processing: cutting, beveling, safety beveling, polishing all bevels, drilling and swarf-free finishing
  • Precise – durable tools, low process forces utilizing Satisloh's unique cutting process, virtually eliminates any size corrections throughout life of the tool
  • Fast: up to 90 lenses/hour; (depending on material mix and process steps)

Technical information

  • Lens materials: CR 39, polycarbonate, high index materials and Trivex
  • Dimensions (wxdxh):
    Conveyor direction back to front:
    1520 x 1430 x 2160 mm / 60 x 56 x 85 inches
    Conveyor direction front to back:
    1520 x 1630 x 2160 mm / 60 x 64 x 85 inches
  • Weight: 1100 kg / 2425 lb


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